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Hotels and restaurants

Maintenance of faucets, glass and luxury bathroom accessories

Keeping the faucets, coatings and other accessories in the bathrooms of luxury rooms in perfect condition, is not a minor issue, most of the products on the market contain abrasives that, in a short time, ruin the shine and beauty of the appliances. The problem is even more serious when operating in a water environment with a high content of Calcium Carbonate (hard water), the water together with soaps and body fat forms a hard film on glass, marbles, ceramics and granites that dulls the natural beauty of these coatings. Cleaning staff must work hard to remove this layer, and commercially available cleaning products end up ruining the shine of surfaces.


We have an innovative technology in Mexico that consists of a patented organic salt, soluble in water, extremely acidic that dissolves scale and incrustations immediately, our SAFE SCALE CLEANER restores the shine of artifacts leaving them as new, without scratches or wear.  With our product, your taps will remain as new for their entire useful life.


Environmentally friendly technologies, free of bacteria and caustic products.

Elimination of Scale in Pipes

Waters with a high content of carbonates (hard waters), constantly deposit layers of hard material on the biofilm of bacterial origin that gradually restrict the flow of water inside the pipes until they are completely blocked. A 1/2" pipe can reduce its internal diameter to nothing in a few weeks. The problem is accentuated in hot water pipes, boilers and heaters.

When carbonate deposits solidify, they achieve a hardness such that they can only be broken with  hammer and chisel, in these cases the problem can only be solved by replacing the pipe, in some cases this does not represent a major problem, but in most cases involve breaking down liners and walls to get to the pipe and replace it.


Our CM Safe Discaler product dissolves even the toughest scale by simple contact. Used properly, it can remove all scale, leaving the inside of the pipes with their original diameter, all within hours and without risk.

The by-products of the reaction are water, carbon dioxide and salt. It is also a safety product that does not harm the skin, nor does it generate toxic fumes. On the other hand, it is harmless to most metals, except Aluminum.


Environmentally friendly technologies, free of bacteria and caustic products.

Control of Fat Oil & Grease in grease traps and interceptors.

Fats and oils of vegetable or animal origin represent a constant problem in the kitchens of Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals and Industrial Kitchens, if they are not managed properly they cause blockages and overflows in the drains and constant bad odors.


Our CM-FOG product, manufactured from plants, has the ability to associate at a molecular level with fats, integrating them instantly with water, producing colloidal solutions in which fats and oils cannot re-agglutinate.


From this technology, we have developed our maintenance-free grease control system , this system allows us to monitor in real time the amount of grease that accumulates in the traps and automatically dose the exact amount of CM-FOG solution necessary to maintain the level of grease in the traps at a minimum level.


The level of grease in the traps, can be monitored by the person in charge of the installations, through a web application. A monthly report is issued with the history of the level of grease in each trap, this allows to demonstrate that the amount of grease in the trap never exceeds the capacity of the trap.


In the locations where there is a public sewer system, this report allows the authorities to demonstrate that the trap never exceeded its capacity and therefore there have been no spills to the public facility. In locations without public service, the system avoids costly cleaning and maintains the porosity of the absorption wells, with significant savings.


Environmentally friendly technologies, free of bacteria and caustic products.

Restaurant case: Application of 200 ml of CM-FOG100, photo taken after 20 minutes of application. Observe in the detail how the grease adhered to the stainless steel wall of the trap is detached. An immediate decrease in the level of fat on the surface can also be observed.

Environmentally friendly technologies, free of bacteria and caustic products.
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