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Hard scale removal.

It is a water-based product that safely removes scale without damaging pipes. Its patented formula allows the replacement of muriatic, phosphoric, citric and formic acids, among many others, allowing the total flow of water to be recovered, preventing clogging and reducing repair costs.



Removes Efficiently:


  • Oxides

  • Incrustations of Hard Waters.

  • Calcium and Cal salts.

  • Concrete and Cement.


Safe D- Scaler

Safety is one of its main characteristics, since it is easy to handle, not regulated by the DOT, does not produce fumes or is corrosive to metals; as well is classified as a mild irritant to the skin.

Removal of scale and cleaning of faucets for hotels.

"Hojas de Datos Técnicos".

Safe Discaler ™ has a patented formula and was developed as a safety replacement for muriatic acid (Hydrochloric), it easily removes obstructions caused by the deposition of Calcium Carbonate (Scale) in pipes of all kinds, its main advantage is safety, since it does not produce toxic fumes or damage the skin, being at the same time harmless for most metals.






Safe Scale Cleaner is a specific formula to remove scale stains on faucets, coatings and glass (see video), cleans in a single application with a soft sponge, unlike most of the products on the market, Safe Scale Cleaner does not scratch nor does it polish the finishes, keeping the chrome fixtures as new.

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