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Box Coolers / Sea Chest Boxes

Sea boxes (Box Coolers) and Sea Chests (Sea Chests) represent the most important part of a ship's cooling system. Due to the unfavorable inflow conditions, these components are very quickly covered by marine growth such as algae, barnacles and mussels. This can lead to a significant decrease in cooling efficiency, which in the worst case leads to the inability to drive the ship. Systems generally installed to prevent this fouling, such as impressed current copper anodes or the use of chemicals, require high maintenance costs and often do not lead to the desired results. The consequence is that the cooling boxes and sea boxes must be completely mechanically cleaned. This is very time consuming and expensive, especially when it comes to the cooling box. Also, manual cleaning is prohibited in many countries. With our solutions based on ultrasound we prevent, without the use of biocides and in a sustainable way, the development of biofilm, which is the basis of all marine fouling. Without biofilm your sea boxes and cooling boxes will be scale free.

Sustainable, tested, guaranteed and totally maintenance-free systems.

Ship Hull

The outer shell of the hull is important to the efficiency of a boat. Scale-free hulls achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption. However, even the best antifouling paints lose their effectiveness after a few months and the scale appears again. This effect is even greater when the boats are in warm waters, and at anchor, so there is no flow, which is essential for the effectiveness of the protection of antifoulings paints. Also, the environmental impact of antifouling paints containing biocides is under discussion in the Current Guideline “Biocida-EU” (European Union), which is why the prohibition of antifouling paints with biocides is expected by 2022 at the latest.

Our ultrasonic solutions can keep your helmet fouling-free in an environmentally friendly way as they do not use biocides. You can extend your ship's dry dock maintenance intervals.

Sustainable, tested, guaranteed and totally maintenance-free systems.


Just as important as the condition of the hull is the state of the propeller surface texture in relation to a boat's fuel economy. On a trip from Rotterdam to New York, propeller fouling can increase fuel consumption by as much as $ 20,000. Due to this fouling, imperceptible vibrations can occur which are reflected in the shaft bearing damaging it in the long term which leads to unscheduled maintenance costs.

We offer a biocide-free and environmentally friendly solution based on ultrasound. Biofilm formation is avoided and the propeller is kept clean.


Sustainable, tested, guaranteed and totally maintenance-free systems.

Cooling systems

Pipes and plate coolers are also subject to this type of marine fouling as are all fluid carrying surfaces. Cleaning is generally done either with expensive chemicals or due to constructional limitations, purely mechanically. These activities are time consuming and can damage some devices. In some systems, it is even necessary to turn off the entire cooling system in order to clean.

With our ultrasound-based biocide-free solutions we avoid fouling at their source and create a system free of biological fouling.


Sustainable, tested, guaranteed and totally maintenance-free systems.


T anks  Water / Fuel

In supernatant fluids such as in water or fuel tanks, biological organisms evolve very rapidly. Biofilm in water or fuel tanks promotes the growth of bacteria that reduce fuel efficiency and can lead to increased emissions or lower production rates.

Free of biocides and therefore ecological solutions based on ultrasound prevent the formation of biofilm. Without biofilm no growth can arise and there will be no problem with bacteria.


Sustainable, tested, guaranteed and totally maintenance-free systems.

Offshore Structures

Submerged structures on production platforms and offshore wind farms are exposed to certain fouling problems. Since there is no flow, these structures are more exposed to marine scale than the hulls of ships. Regular removal of these fouling is necessary for many reasons, but is operationally very complicated and expensive.


With our ultrasonic system solutions, we prevent the formation of biofilm, the basis for the formation of marine scale. Biocide-free and environmentally friendly system.


Sustainable, tested, guaranteed and totally maintenance-free systems.

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